Where can a Cert III in Individual Support take you?

News Where can a Cert III in Individual Support take you?

There are so many fantastic reasons to pursue a career in care.

If you’re a student, a school leaver or just someone looking for a secure career change – a Cert III in Individual Support could be perfect for you!Also referred to as CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support, the Bestwest Care Individual Support course is one of the strongest contenders for a career-enabling short course.

What do you learn in a Certificate III in Individual Support?

A Certificate III in Individual Support is one course, but it’s flexible.

The course includes three separate speciality streams, and you’re free to study one, two or all three of them depending on your career goals. If you select the Ageing stream, you will study units that focus on caring for older Australians. If you select the Disability stream you’ll be studying best-practice care for people with disabilities – and if you select the Community Care stream, you’ll focus more on home and community support services. 

In addition to your speciality units, you’ll study a set list of core units. These will teach you how to:

  • Provide individualised support
  • Support independence and wellbeing for people who need care
  • Communicate effectively in the provision of health and community services
  • Recognise healthy body systems
  • Follow safe work practices for direct client care

Importantly, you will also learn how to operate in diverse workplaces and how to work legally and ethically in the care sector.

Following on from these, your elective units will depend on where you want to take your career. 

If you select the Ageing specialisation, you’ll also learn how to facilitate the empowerment of older people, how to provide support to people living with dementia, and how to meet personal support needs.

If you select the Disability specialisation, you’ll learn about strength-based approaches to ongoing skill development. You’ll also learn how to follow established person-centred behaviour support practices, how to facilitate community participation and social inclusion and how to facilitate the empowerment of people with disability.

Finally, if you select the Home & Community Care specialisation, you’ll learn a combination of these two streams – including meeting personal support needs, facilitating empowerment, supporting relationships with families and providing home and community support services. Home & Community Care enables you to work across both aged care and disability care effectively and respectfully. 

What are the benefits of studying Individual Support?

Of course, no amount of study can guarantee a job – but as a career move, Individual Support is a more secure choice. With an ageing population, there are many Australians in need of care and support services – so you can also feel good knowing you’re supporting your community with an invaluable service! 

Beyond your career, the skills you learn studying Individual Support can be applied to your everyday life. Learning how to facilitate the empowerment of others, how to look out for their needs and how to care for them respectfully can benefit anybody.

What kind of career path can Individual Support lead to?

If you successfully complete your training in Individual Support, you could find yourself working as a support worker, a care assistant, a community care worker, a residential care officer or a disability support worker. Plus, these jobs are needed pretty much everywhere – so there’s no limit to where your career in Individual Support could take you!

If you’re keen on a career in care, reach out to Bestwest. 

As a Registered Training Organisation, we offer a range of industry-standard aged care and health care training courses in Perth – including CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support. We offer a broad range of flexible learning options to meet anybody’s needs, including full time, part-time and evening study. Plus, we can tailor your training to meet the needs of a specific organisation!

To learn more about Individual Support, reach out to our friendly consultants for a chat or browse the course page here.

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