Vaccinations are Integral for Healthcare Industry Staff

News Vaccinations are Integral for Healthcare Industry Staff

Bestwest Care wholeheartedly supports getting the COVID-19 vaccination, particularly for people working or planning to work as a healthcare professional.

Read on for our reasons why.

The COVID-19 vaccination helps to stop the spread, so it’s especially important to get it if you are working with patients that are immunocompromised, have disabilities or if you are in the aged care industry. Not only are you protecting yourself and your family with the vaccine, you’re also protecting your patients and colleagues – and afterall, ensuring people are cared for, healthy and well is what this industry is all about.

Higher vaccination rates reduce the likelihood of community outbreaks significantly, which in turn reduces the need for extreme lockdowns, border closures and travel restrictions. Vaccinations strengthen our collective immune systems, and if you are eligible and able to get the jab, you’re directly reducing the risks for those in our community who are unable to get it.

We know widespread COVID-19 outbreaks have a significant impact on community health, social wellbeing and the economy. Getting the vaccination for your community will save lives and livelihoods. 

For those working in residential aged care facilities, you and your colleagues are a priority for the vaccine. We all have a duty of care to do what we can to reduce the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to our patients, clients and colleagues.

For more information, head to the Australian Department of Health website.