Purple Bra Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

News Purple Bra Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

Bestwest Care is committed to supporting the community by providing highly skilled, competent, and professional staff to health, aged care, and disability services and clients.

This year, Bestwest Care got involved in Purple Bra Day for Breast Cancer Care funding and awareness. Read on to learn more.

Breast Cancer is one of the most commonly diagnosed cancers in Australia, and receiving a diagnosis can make a devastating impact on a person and the lives of their family. The team at Bestwest Care is committed to getting involved with charity events such as Purple Bra Day to help raise funds for breast cancer patients and to assist them and their families wherever possible. 

What is Purple Bra Day?

Purple Bra Day is Breast Cancer Care WA’s largest fundraiser to support West Australians with breast cancer. They provide support to over 1,000 families each year and all of the funds raised go directly to provide breast care nursing, counselling and financial support to West Australian breast cancer patients free of charge.

Everyone involved receives a fundraising pack and a novelty purple bra to wear over their clothes on the day to raise awareness and a toolbox of resources to help raise funds for fellow West Australians affected by breast cancer.

But why purple?

In 2000, Dr. Ros Worthington, the founder of Breast Cancer Care WA and Purple Bra Day, chose purple to represent emotional, practical and financial support for Western Australians. Those that donate to Purple Bra Day know that their money is staying within Western Australia to support those who are currently facing breast cancer.

Breast Cancer awareness is important year round

In Australia, the risk of a woman being diagnosed is 1 in 7, and Breast Cancer can occur at any age. Early detection of breast cancer can improve a person’s chance of successful treatment, which is why breast cancer awareness is so important.

Because we work in the healthcare industry, Bestwest Care is dedicated to getting behind important Australian health initiatives that aim to keep communities safe and healthy. We encourage regular mammograms and checking with your doctor if you notice any unusual symptoms such as a lump, swelling in the breast or armpit, change in breast shape or size or constant pain in the breast or nipple. If something feels off, always check in with your GP.

Breast Cancer risk factors

It’s important to minimise the likelihood of developing breast cancer by managing the risks you have control over. Some common breast cancer risk factors include age, alcohol, smoking, family history, dense breasts, being overweight and previous radiation. 

Diet, smoking status and regular exercise can be managed and regular screening is important for those aged 50 – 74. If you are younger and concerned about your risk of breast cancer, Bestwest Care recommends speaking with your GP about screening options. 

What else can you do to help?

There are plenty of ways that you can support people with breast cancer in WA. You can take part in yearly fundraising events such as Purple Bra Day and Pink Ribbon, or fundraising events for cancer research such as Dry July, Daffodil Day or The March Challenge.

Alternatively,  you can organise an event of your own such as holding a morning tea, bake sale or a night in with friends to raise money for the cause, encourage breast cancer screenings and share resources about breast cancer services. Visit www.breastcancer.org.au for more fundraising resources, brochures, speakers or advice and themed balloons.