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Don’t settle for an ordinary job, the aged care industry is calling!

24.02.2022 News

Found yourself in a job that you don’t enjoy? Wondering if you could be doing more? Constantly feeling like you want a more meaningful and rewarding career? Perhaps you are just looking for a fresh start, a new challenge or, you are in the early stages of your working life and considering all available options. Well… a career in the Aged Care industry might just be the perfect fit for you!

What is aged care?

Those who have a career in aged care are dedicated to providing support to people who cannot fully support themselves. Support can be provided to elders living in an aged care facility, retirement home or even their own homes. Aged care services in Western Australia can be split into two key categories — hands-on support or indirect support. Within both there are a few sub-categories: 

General everyday living (hands-on):

  • Housework
  • Shopping
  • Transport
  • Social outings 

Personal care (hands-on):

  • Dressing
  • Eating
  • Bathing
  • Personal hygiene  

Health care (hands-on):

  • Nursing
  • Physio 
  • Administering medication
  • After-hospital care 
  • Respite care  

Accommodation (indirect): 

  • Operating retirement home
  • Managing assisted living facilities

Aged Care Equipment (indirect): 

  • Providing equipment 
  • Manufacture equipment such as walkers, wheelchairs etc.  

Home modification work (indirect): 

  • Installing handrails, ramps etc. 

What are the benefits of joining the industry?

Being a part of the West Australian aged care industry has many benefits, and provides you with a wide set of transferable skills that are applicable to your everyday life. Read our list of top 4 benefits below: 

  • Feel Rewarded in Your RoleA career in aged care is a highly fulfilling experience. Many in the industry feel rewarded and humbled by the positive impact that they can have on an individual’s life. The support provided by aged care workers contributes to their client’s overall happiness, improves their quality of life, and ensures that age is not a barrier to living an enjoyable life.
  • Build your Confidence and SkillsFor many, the need to communicate regularly with elderly clients allowed for the development of interpersonal skills and confidence. In addition, many noted the growth in their emotional intelligence, multi-tasking and household skills. This can be attributed to the hands-on nature of aged care work, and the availability of training and upskilling courses offered within the industry.  
  • Connect and Establish Fulfilling RelationshipsAs you journey through your career in the industry, you will connect with many individuals from an array of different backgrounds eager to share their life experiences. Not only will you be able to establish fulfilling relationships with your clients, but also fellow aged care workers, suppliers and stakeholders – giving you the opportunity to expand your knowledge, perspective and network.
  • Access Strong Employment OpportunitiesAs the Australian population continues to age, so does the demand for aged care workers. This means that you can enter the industry with the confidence and knowledge that aged care work is a sustainable career, with a consistent demand stream. 

How to get started?

In Western Australia, there are 3 main criterias that you will need to demonstrate before you are able to apply for aged care work. Depending on the role, additional certifications might be required. The general criterias are as follows: 

  • Certificate III in Individual Support (Ageing, Home and Community) 
  • Training and placement within an aged care facility (or equivalent) 
  • First Aid Certification 

You might be thinking – how do I meet these criterias? Who offers these courses? Do I have time? Well, here at Bestwest Care we can tailor training, courses and certifications to your specific needs and situation. Our CHC3015 unit for example provides you with the opportunity to achieve your Certificate III in Individual Support in just 8 weeks. To find out more about this course click here. In addition to our accredited and individual aged care training courses; we are also a well-connected staffing agency, specialising in the provision of qualified and skilled staff to Western Australia’s health sector and aged care facilities.

Contact our friendly consultants to learn more about our available courses, and how we can help you start your fulfilling career in the West Australian Aged Care industry.

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