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How part-time disability support work can benefit you

It’s hard to be a school leaver or a uni student at the moment.

03.12.2020 News

With high youth unemployment rates throughout 2020, the traditional pathways to part-time work are less secure than they’ve ever been – and it doesn’t help that standard youth employment sectors like hospitality and retail have been some of the hardest-hit.

The economy will recover, and Australians will get through this tough time – but as more restaurants, cafes and boutiques close their doors, it’s hard not to be a little concerned about finding secure work. Thankfully, there are still many industries in need of good young workers – and some of them can provide skill-building opportunities that will help you launch your career later on.

One of those industries is disability support!

If you’re passionate about facilitating other people to live their best life, disability support is an option worth considering. Support work is a pragmatic and rewarding choice for:

  • Uni students seeking a flexible part-time job during their studies
  • Young people seeking part-time work in general
  • School leavers who want practical, meaningful work

Check out five key benefits of part-time disability support work below:

It’s secure

The disability support sector almost always needs more workers, so it’s great for people who value a job that’s secure. The more support on board the better, so you can be pretty secure in your role as a disability support worker in WA. According to this ABC News article, ‘thousands of disability support worker positions are estimated to be vacant across the country, and there are not enough trained people to fill the jobs.’ Opting to work in disability support is a surefire way to get a job in community services, and you won’t be short on hours!

It gets you certified

Working with a care provider like Bestwest Care means you get access to training and upskilling opportunities within your employment. As a Registered Training Organisation, we offer disability support courses in compliance with up-to-date industry standards – including CHC43115 Certificate IV in Disability Support, CHC33015 Certificate III in Individual Support and a range of other units of competency. These transferable certifications can help you stay job-ready throughout your career.

It upskills you for the health industry

Working in the disability support sector can prepare you for future training or employment in nursing, occupational therapy, physiotherapy or aged care. Training organisations that double as employers can provide the most targeted and most tailored training options to meet the needs of different learners and different organisations. That means you stay upskilled and job-ready for anything that piques your interest in the health sector!

It’s flexible

Bestwest Care is a health care staffing provider and also a Registered Training Organisation that offer a range of flexible training options, including full-time, evenings, part-time and flexible study schedules depending on your level of experience and your needs. Even if you’re studying at uni, you can fit a Certificate III or unit of competency around your schedule – paving the way for gainful employment as a disability support worker in no time at all. Support work hours are often flexible too, and you have the freedom to set your schedule.

It’s rewarding

Lastly and most importantly, disability support work is one of the best part-time jobs for students because it’s meaningful and rewarding. You get a chance to really contribute to your community, support people who would like to be supported and make a difference in the lives of others every day. Your work will benefit others, and because of that, it will also benefit you!

To find out more about becoming a part-time disability support worker, reach out to Bestwest Care for a chat.